Youth Employability Skill Building Program

The project location is Nithari Village, Noida, Uttara Pradesh. This is an NCR area and very well settled colony. Nithari is one of the oldest villages in the area where thousands of migrated people are living with their families. This proportion of population belongs to different parts of the country. Most of them are unskilled laborers who are living in the slums with their families. The community comprises of shanty hutments surrounded by multi storey buildings or private bungalows. The parents of the target group work in these bungalows and apartments. Most of the beneficiaries belong to this population because they are deprived of livelihood and opportunities. For last couple of years NDS has been providing vocational training facilities to adolescent and youth. The significant of the program are:

  • Computer learning centre in the area
  • Beautician course for girls that keeping in mind the demand of the market
  • Conducting Govt. approved course so that each beneficiary may have valid diploma certificate
  • Exposure visits of learners in different companies so that they could be familiar with the private sector environment
  • Exploring job opportunities for beneficiaries through conducting counselling sessions
  • To provide a safe and secure place for youths and convert their mind towards positive energy
  • So far 110 youth have been trained and provided certificates