We Care: (An Education Program)

The issue of education and nutrition has been highlighted by NDS for last many years in the region. Nithari village is situated in NCR of (NOIDA) area and one of the oldest villages and has heavy influx of migrants. This proportion of population belongs to different parts of the country. Most of them are unskilled laborers who are living in the slums with their families. The community comprises of shanty hutments surrounded by multi storey buildings or private bungalows. The parents of the target group work in these bungalows and apartments. Most of the beneficiaries belong to this population because they are deprived of livelihood opportunities as well as education. Once the parents of children are out of home for work, the children particularly girl child becomes venerable to anti-social elements in the area. 

In 2005-2006, a gruesome murdered of children have taken place in the area which spread stunned shock waves in the country. Since then the children of this area have become vulnerable for anti-social aliments. Missing of children from the area is a routine incident. NDS performed its’ social responsibility and taken care of deprived children though providing education and nutrition facilities to these vulnerable children with the support of Charities Aid Foundation. Obviously the requirement to run such a program was need of the time.

Since then, NDS has been working in the area and running multi activities like vocational training along with education and nutrition. At present NDS is working with the support of ADOBE Community Foundation.  When these children come to our centre, their parents go for work without any hesitation. They know that the children are in safe place and are taking care by responsible organization. This project addresses the issue of vulnerability of children, particularly girl child in the area. The project aims to protect children of the area from anti-social activity through providing mid-day meal, education and health facility. The significant features of the program are:

  • Day care centre for children particularly girl child  
  • Fresh Mid-day meal to the children
  • Non-formal education centre for drop out children
  • Remedial education facility to school going children
  • Yearly “School Dakhila Abhiyan” to mainstream children in formal education system
  • Monthly medical check-up of children  to protect them various disease and conduct counselling session for their parents