Seeking Support

NDS works towards providing aid to the vulnerable sections of the society and adopts a holistic approach towards it, catering to child health and nutrition, child survival, education and women empowerment at present.

Your generous support in the form of monetary donations will be used for the appropriate distribution of facilities wherever required.

NDS offers 4 vistas to its donors as a means to contribute to the society:


Children are the future of our society. It is our duty to provide hem an atmosphere where they can be educated, grow and can be nurtured into complete individuals. An amount as meager as Rs. 3000 can provide nutritional support to a child up to 3 months since birth. Rs. 10,000 can provide school kits for 5 children. A little help from your side can make a large difference on theirs.

Your donations will be used in the best ways possible to secure a child’s rights and give him a chance to flourish into a capable human being.


While working in the field of education since the past many years NDS has been able to successfully form liaisons with many schools. Although these schools are providing the children with the necessary amenities like basic education, books, uniforms, meals etc. We have found the need for remedial education centres to be set up in the vicinity to be urgent ad pressing. The quality of education in these government schools is not at par with the other public schools. The conditions are such because the schools are grossly overpopulated and each teacher has to handle a class of more than a 100 students at a time. Adequate attention is not paid towards the students and as a result they lose interest in going to school and a large number of dropouts are seen. Moreover, the teachers appointed in these schools are busy most o the time in the electoral work and other government related activities.

NDS wishes to take up this initiative of setting up remedial education centres in the vicinity of the schools listed below. We intend to make school life more interesting and captivating for the children by employing new innovative pedagogy like group discussions, storytelling, and activity based learning. By further organizing competitions among different RECs we wish to instill sportsmanship and team spirit among the children. We invite the people to help us with setting up these centres by donating us basic materials like daris, teaching aid, books or by volunteering to become one of the teaching staff in these centres.

List of schools associated with NDS :

Nigam Girls Schools, Tekhand Village, Okhla, New Delhi
MCD Primary School, Sanjay Colony, Okhla Phase II, New Delhi
MCD Primary School (Girls), Tekhand Village, Okhla, New Delhi
MCD Primary School (Girls), Indira Kalyan Vihar, Okhla Phase I, New Delhi
MCD Primary School , Harkesh Nagar, New Delhi
MCD Primary School , Transit Camp, Govindpuri, New Delhi


Villages in the Sonepat district of Haryana are in a sorry state. Even though there are schools made by the government yet the children are not able to avail education higher than eighth standard. The schools are situated far away from their homes and due to lack of conveyance means the children are not able to avail the education facilities.

Support these children by providing them an item as small as a cycle so that they may reach school and receive education. Cycling to school everyday would be a liberating experience and the children will enjoy going to school riding their own bikes.

The underprivileged in Sonepat live in conditions where sanitation facilities are nowhere at par with healthy living conditions. Help us provide them safer, cleaner and more hygienic homes by providing donations for building latrines in their homes and community toilets in the vicinity of their homes.

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Donations to Navjyoti Development Society (NDS) are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. (Applicable in India only)

All donations should be in the form of cheque/demand draft.

For more details regarding donations feel free to contact us :

Navjyoti Development Society

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Donate monthly :

You could become a regular donor by donating any amount you like on regular monthly bases. Your donations could be as small as Rs. 1000 per month and we will take on the responsibility of utilizing your money in the best possible way.

All donations should be in the form of cheque/demand draft.

For more details regarding donations feel free to contact us at 011-26366721.