PAHAL – An education & health initiative to help women & children to survive after Pandemic:

The project is all about the education and health, especially women and children health, which is most vulnerable after covid-19 in the world including India. The second wave of covid-19 was horrible and full of struggle. It is obvious that the Indian government priority has been changed after facing the pandemic. The lesion of pandemic taught us about our health and proved that if our immunity power is strong, than we can fight against any disease in the world. During the pandemic, women and children faced most crucial and hard time to survive. NDS felt this need and proposed the project based on woman and child health in Nithari village in NOIDA. Protection & prevention of child health and education has been the top priority of NDS for last fifteen years.

NDS has been working in Nithari since a gruesome murder of the children was exposed in 2007 in the area. These children were deprived and living in the slums or kachhi colony. Since then we have been targeting slum children in the area & providing day care facility to them. This facility protect them from anti-social elements & provide safe environment to live and learn. For last eight years, nearly 850 children have been mainstreamed & hundreds got support in their day-to-day study. Education & day care centre is providing support to poor parents who are going for work after leaving their children in our centre. We look support to run such centers in the community.

Concept of the project:

"Our concept of the project is to create a healthy, nourished, and empowered community where every pregnant and lactating woman, adolescent, and malnourished child has access to quality nutrition, education, and healthcare. We strive to foster self-reliance and ensure the well-being of vulnerable populations, ultimately enabling them to lead fulfilled and prosperous lives."

Objective of the project :

  • - To conduct a survey and collect data of actual needy beneficiaries
  • - To improves health of pregnant and lactating women
  • - To provide nutrition support to selected pregnant and lactating women
  • - To provide medical support at the doorsteps in the region to all direct beneficiaries
  • - To cover nearly 80 small, not-school going & school going children under education
  • - To provide nutrition support to all children who are coming regularly in our centre
  • - To provide counselling and life skill training to adolescent to build their confidence
  • - To conduct health mela within the community and provide them best medical facilities

Our leanings:

During the period we learnt that there are lots of gaps have been created within the society after covid-19 pandemic. Those who lost their family members, are still trying to survive even after the pandemic. After pandemic, economic condition of majority of families have gone down and people are struggling to get a job for their children and family.

Such program provides them support to manage the life with minimum resources. Our support to lactating mothers and pregnant women, lighten them to fight for life with existing resources. It was observed that there is required a long term strategy to support such community so that life of children could be safe and secure with their future.

The success of any project is being monitored by its achievement, implementation process, and acceptability of programs & participation of community. At this juncture, the overall success of the project was significant as we have achieved our goal & provided better opportunity to youth of poor community. As we had target to cover nearly 200 youths under two vocational training programs, we are pleased to say that we have achieved our goal as 154 participants' successfully attempted final examination in the month of April and received certificates from JSS(Govt. Agency) in the month of May. Rest will attempt in the month of July. Our existence in the area & earlier achievements helped us to reach to beneficiaries smoothly. .