Mahila Panchayat Program

Though the system of Panchayat is rooted in our culture, and being a man dominated and hierarchical group, they never delivered justice to women, Mahila Panchayat program is a campaign which talks about women rights and security. The goal of the program is to provide effective redressal mechanism within the community to protect right of every women in the state. It is a dream of every citizen of this country that one day there would not be any domestic violence against a woman in the society.

  • To build up the capacity of grassroots women to deal with day-to-day domestic violence in the family
  • To become aware about their rights and get justice without fear and panic
  • To equip with knowledge and information so that they could fight strongly against the society particularly male dominated
  • To provide a forum for solving their conflicts and family disputes within the society
  • To build up a community level group of volunteers who can assist victims on the spot

Though the achievement of this program is not so high, but it has brought out women from house to ask justice from the society. Consistency of Navodaya Mahila Panchayat in Okhla industrial area and Jagruti Mahila Panchayat in V. P. Singh Camp, are the evidence of our success for last years. Atrocity with woman at home is a serious concern in the society. Mahila Panchayat Program protects the rights of woman.

Delhi Commission for Women is an autonomous state govt. body and shouldering responsibility of legal support to women suffering from any domestic violence or family dispute. In the year 2001, the commission started its first threshold venture in association with a group of grassroots level NGOs and CBOs in Delhi. In fact that was the beginning of Mahila Panchayat in wide range.