Community Health awareness program

Behtar India Campaign:

Behtar India is a social innovation that rallies to get different segments of the society together to work towards making their cities cleaner, greener and healthier. The unique format not only supplements the government’s effort to provide promotive as well as preventive healthcare to the community, but also ensures quality curative healthcare and behavior change in fields of hygiene and environment.

The aim may be the same for all segments but the journeys are quite different. The initiative is a contest for schools and students, a CSR and an employee engagement window for companies, social service for Municipal Corporation and for under privileged children, it is an opportunity to receive free health benefits.


Navjyoti and Behtar India are working with a common goal of making a India a better place to live for the coming generation and fight together for a common cause a give its children a cleaner , greener and healthier environment. Thousands of children lose their lives because of dengue and lack of fund for its treatment. NDS along with Behtar India has started a campaign about spreading awareness in schools and provide a health insurance cover to the children in cased they are affected with dengue.

Proceedings of the event:

Various events are being organized at different locations under the Behtar India Campaign to spread awareness against the severity of dengue and providing the safeguard through health policy to the Children. The events were held in various schools in Delhi and Uttarakhand. A huge number of students along with the teachers participated in the event. The event covers by media persons of various news networks in the presence of CAF India and its volunteers.

They interacted with the students on the importance of cleanliness and seven important components of health and hygiene to ensure their wellbeing and the cleanliness of their surroundings. Highlighting the importance of the prevention, he emphasized on the easiest approaches of safeguarding someone from the dengue such as:

  • Avoid of logging of water in and around of house, lane and area
  • Dispose garbage in a proper manner and avoid through in open places
  • Wearing full sleeves cloths regularly especially rainy season
  • Regular cleaning of the coolers at least once in a week
  • Avoid water logging at the schools and the nearby areas.
  • Covering the drinking water properly with a lid
  • Eat always fresh and health food and avoid junk foods