About us

Navjyoti Development Society is a national level registered voluntary organization that has been working in the area of social development for the last 28 years. NDS started its threshold venture in 1991 with 5 deprived children who were living in the slums of Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi. At its inception, NDS is committed to work for the uplifting the life of poor and downtrodden through participation and involvement of all the stakeholders who are directly or indirectly responsible for and affected by it. Since the beginning, the priority has given to the development of the community as a whole with distinct emphasis on education. It is said that hard work and perseverance are the key to achieving anything in the world. We have achieved so much and are still counting!!

At NDS we pride ourselves as an organization being composed of sincere and dedicated individuals. Our ideology revolves around the fact that all individuals possess the potential to help themselves and we take up the challenge to help them discover this hidden potential. We adopt a participatory approach and thus, in going about designing our programs we deliberately do so. The love for truth, concern, hard work and going the extra mile are virtues that are bred in the organization.

Our staff members do not merely carry out their duty but through their work they are continuously satisfying the genuine need within themselves to help the community. We push ourselves to attain new heights and span new horizons. The end result being the immense pleasure we derive from recognizing the fact that we have made a difference no matter how small or large.


A society wherein marginalized communities and specially its vulnerable segments live in harmony with their environment, have self dignity, control over their lives and are able to manage their own over their lives and are able to manage their own development affairs.


To Help the People to Help Themselves


To help in the all round development of deprived section of the society particularly women and children belonging to the rural and urban communities through education, health, environment, social and economical development, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.