Stop Diarrhoea Initiative (SDI) Program

Over 1 million children under the age of 5 die in India every year and out of that approximately 10% of deaths (123,668 deaths) are attributed to diarrhoeal diseases resulting in 338 child deaths every day. There are an estimated 312 million diarrhoeal episodes in India each year of which 6.7 million are severe episodes. Each episode of diarrhoea contributes to malnutrition in children. Studies shows that 1 in 5 children aged 0-2 years suffered from Moderate to Severe Diarrhoea. WHO estimates that 88% of deaths from diarrhoea are attributable to 4 issues:

  1. consumption of unsafe water;
  2. inadequate sanitation;
  3. poor personal hygiene and
  4. Lack of access to childhood immunisation

For last couple of years NDS has been working in Uttarakhand State on health issues. Being a hilly area, health never got priority to the policy makers including political parties. Some district of Uttarkhand like Haridwar, Rurkee, Dehradun and Vikash Nagar comes under plateau urban part. Health facilities like in Haridwar district is worst than other part of state. Laksar block, under District Haridwar, is one of them which is most affected area in terms of seasonal epidemics like diarrhea.

Goal of the program:

Our overall ambition for this programme is to help in reducing the burden of diarrhea, one of the leading causes of deaths in children, in Laksar block of Haridwar Uttarakhand  
NDS has taken this issue with support of renowned International social organization – Save the Children (Bal Raksha Bharat) and targeting 16 villages of five Panchayats. The objectives of this program are:

  • To achieve 50% reduction in Diarrhoea incidence and prevalence in the intervention areas by 2018.
  • The programme also envisages reaching to at least 80% population with access to safe drinking water, adequate and hygienic sanitation facilities.
  • At least 90% children (12 – 23 months) immunized against measles and 80% against Rotavirus.
  • To strengthen the advocacy and networking program in the state with administration, NGOs, Panchayats and other civic bodies who are direct or indirect responsible to prevent the death of children by diarrhoea